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Spaces of "cogrowing" and coworking to live new experiences. Mandarina garden is a children's leisure space inspired by children , in its fantasy, its wit and its capacity to surprise. From its beginnings, Mandarina garden set out to be a place where children could live new experiences, becoming a meeting point for fathers and mothers who share concerns about nurturing and nutrition. Thus, Mandarina is already a "cogrowing" space, a stimulating and inspiring leisure place also for parents, who can attend workshops or simply work with their laptop in the SlowCafé, designed and thought to facilitate the reconciliation .

Mandarina garden Coworking and Cogrowing space
Mandarina garden is your office every morning

Co-Growing is born. The difficulty to reconcile work and family is a stress factor especially for families with small children. In Mandarina garden we have created a collaborative space where working, sharing knowledge and educating simultaneously is possible . In Mandarina garden both children and adults practice educational leisure and creative work from the reality of each family. With flexible hours, teleworking is considered as a productive and motivating solution.

The trend towards the consolidation of new labor models such as teleworking or the normalization of those activities associated with freelancers suggests a progressive adaptation of companies to more flexible collaboration approaches. This fact is allowing our society a subject that has been pending for too long: the reconciliation of work and personal life.

Despite this gradual entry of conciliation into the corporate responsibility plans of certain companies, which understand their value when it comes to attracting and retaining talent, data extracted from the first Barometer of Conciliation in Spain indicate that the social assessment of the state of the Reconciliation has decreased with respect to pre-crisis levels.

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The widespread awareness of this problem leads a growing number of entrepreneurs to be interested in finding solutions to it. To identify the new reconciliation needs derived from these new job profiles. As a result, more and more projects are born with it as a center or, at least, as an important and unavoidable factor within the general business model. These are initiatives that, based on concepts such as "flexibility" or "adaptability", offer versatile services that make it easier for professionals with children to develop their activities. The keyword is co-growing. A neologism that seeks to define this new class of alternatives capable of making the leisure of children compatible with the professional needs of parents.

The offer of Mandarina garden has been growing and evolving as users have been providing feedback during these years. Today, the space offers a SlowCafé for parents, in addition to daily activities (workshops, Montessori Mares, etc.) and structured initiatives around periods where parents can find difficulties for conciliation: summer, Christmas, Back to School, Easter, etc.

It is precisely the parents who have been gaining prominence within Mandarina garden. In their "School of Parents", attendees participate in talks and workshops that provide keys in areas such as nutrition, breastfeeding, emotional development, tantrums, etc. "We have evolved naturally with society, children and their families. We are now more than a children's leisure center. We have become a meeting point for fathers and mothers who feel the need to share experiences one by one and live the upbringing in a more bearable way without giving up your life Feeling at first hand your affection and your gratitude makes it clear to me that initiatives of this type are not only attractive, they are necessary. "

We offer

A work space and respectful upbringing at the same time
Flexible schedule
Prepared work environment: Full breakfast, wifi connection, printer, office material
BabyResort under the Montessori methodology with Game Group and Talks with great professionals
Check availability and prices with our bonuses in your Mandarina center

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