Morning Montessori and alternative education

The different option to conventional education

Separador Mandarina

Imagine a place where time passes more slowly, where we can grow without haste, at our own pace ... to be able to entertain ourselves in watching the ants.

Imagine a place where the game is our most important activity , where every corner is designed so that our innate curiosity is the engine of our learning.

Imagine that the people who accompany that place do it with the eyes of girls, with respect and absolute confidence in our abilities. Listening (not with the ears, but with the heart) all our emotions and who know how to speak our magical language.

Imagine, that the methodology is based on empathy and that programming is designed to learn how to make paper planes, to untangle tangles, to follow the footsteps of fairies and to dance on the clouds.
You imagine?

Do not imagine, come and meet us, the doors of our house are always open.                                 

Mornings based on methodologies and open education

What is Mandarina Morning Montessori?

With love and respect

Separador Mandarina
Info portada mañanas Montessori

The Morning Nursery is a precursor and alternative to full nursery school. You can bring your little one for hours at a time, certain days or even full weeks of morning sessions - we can adapt to you.

Who is it for? Babies aged 0-3

Mandarina philosophy and values: by Maria Montessori

Freedom with responsibility: we firmly believe in the child, and that giving them increasingly more autonomy in a safe environment where they can easily express their feelings and emotions is best for their development.

Traditional values like love, respect, community, responsibility, gratitude and a passion for learning

Careful use of materials, the learning environment and the attention to detail

Teaching through imitation: which is dynamic and interactive

We will always respect the speed at which the child develops, as each and every one is unique

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Growing up together

Project Philosophy

Separador Mandarina

From Mandarina garden, we propose an alternative to traditional schooling , based on a respectful accompaniment with the needs of the creatures

We offer a family socialization space , warm and close in which educators trained in alternative pedagogies , accompany your baby, while you have the opportunity to take time to take care of yourself, work from our Coworking , socialize with other families and share moments of play with your baby

How do we differentiate?

The companion of the project is an educator trained in alternative pedagogies and in constant training.

We perform a bonding period based on attachment theory

We work with small groups

We use ecological materials and prepared environments

We promote healthy eating and self-regulated

We offer support to the families in the upbringing

The school of happy children

Where we are all in family

Separador Mandarina

Mandarina garden is an innovative place, so we want to introduce new alternatives to child growth ... creative alternatives that help our children grow up hopeful, surrounded by imagination and creativity

Mandarina Baby Resort Morning Nursery was born out of this idea. It is the perfect alternative for babies to start to learn how to relate to others and interact. It's where they will discover the world for themselves, through fun, play and a touch of English.

If your little one is less than 3 years old and you don't want to send them to nursery school just yet, then Mandarina Baby Resort Morning Nursery is your best option!

Our proposal is based on the creation of a relaxed and safe environment where children can:

  • To feel comfortable
  • Speak freely
  • Explore, experiment, face limits, overcome difficulties
  • Learn how, when and in the way that is all things
  • Remember: Group sizes are small, so prior registration is necessary.

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    Separador Mandarina
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    The alternative to traditional nursery school in Albacete, Alicante, Barakaldo, Campello, Castro, Girona, Huelva, Málaga, Rivas, Santander & Vilanova